Thursday, 27 June 2013


In school did you have a liking towards resistors, transistors, diodes in physics lab. Did you ever have a liking towards chips of computers or other electronic device or mainly did you have a liking towards electronic devices. Have you ever  wondered who configures a television or a computer. Due you wish to know more about different forms of communication , robotics, signal processing etc then electronics and communication is the right course for you.
Electronics and communication or EC is a branch of engineering which deals with study of electronic equipments which we use in our daily life and about communication such as radio, mobile etc. The content is more in the communication side than the electronics side. An electronics engineer deals with the fabrication of IC's and its components such as resistors, transistors etc. I will explain with an example the difference between an electrical engineer and an electronic engineer. An electrical engineer does the wiring of a television but it is an EC engineer who configures the television. I hope you understood the difference.
Almost all EC students tells that EC is a dry course full of theory. My EC batch-mates told me the same thing and i don't see them out of their classrooms. The syllabus is pretty difficult compared to other branches. The syllabus has a lot of maths, a bulk of equations, a lot of programming etc and so if you are not good in maths or equations then this is definitely not the course for you. Each semester has atleast 1 lab and i have heard that the lab exams are difficult (depends on the college). I have seen my friends disappointed after lab exams and they say that they didn't get the output result. I am saying all this because a lot of students take courses just because there is a vacant seat. Take this course only if you like electronics. If you are interested then i don't think the course going to be that difficult.  What is its scope??

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